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Yoga Teacher Training

'Our trainees get so much from Wah!'s YTT presentations. She transmits information and spiritual energy.'

- Kathleen Holm | YogaFlowSF

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Yoga Teacher Training

Wah! lectures on Mantra, Meditation, Ayurveda, Self-Healing, Yama & Niyama, Pranayama & Pratyahaar, and other subjects related to Yoga Teacher Training. She is a regular teacher for YogaFlowSF YTT in San Francisco and LEAP YTT in Folsom. She is a guest lecturer at Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world.

You can expect to:
- review the 8 limbs of yoga and what the goal of yoga is
- learn by doing (chant mantra in mantra lecture, practice meditation in meditation lecture, etc.)
- hone your skills (pronunciation of Sanskrit, breathing, eye focus, etc.)
- learn ways to incorporate these things into yoga teaching or daily practice
- talk with a partner about what you're experiencing in these practices
- share in the group to expand our collective wisdom
- hear stories of deities and spiritual masters from India

Get acquainted with Wah! through her books Healing: A Vibrational Exchange and Dedicating Your Life to Spirit.

Wah!'s teachings are also offered in Healing Retreats and the experience of her Healing Concert a multi-media concert which combines projections, slow moving laser lights and live music by Wah! to inspire world peace and peace within.

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