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Walk Through That Door

Walk Through That Door

About Walk Through That Door

Two affirmations for healing, featuring Kirk Margo on electric guitar, harmonium, bass and percussion. These songs were originally created for a TV show that investigated the different healing modalities, healers and alternative medicine available in the US. The show never made it to contract. These songs have lyrics in English.

The Story Behind Walk Through That Door

In 2000, I was in outreach to every meditation and spirit-based community I could find. In addition to frequenting the Hare Krishna temple in Venice, Siddha Yoga temple in LA, and AMMA satsang. I was working with healers and ministers from the Agape Church of Religious Science. They used music with lyrics in English to praise the Creator and affirm their God-given happiness. I was inspired by their use of affirmation, and started writing affirmations for the healing workshops I accompanied.

Coincidentally, another healer in Los Angeles had heard of my music and was putting together a TV show on healing. The idea was to travel around the US and interview healers, explore various methods of alternative medicine, and participate in counseling and healing sessions. I wrote about 12 affirmation songs for this pilot, trying to get the right feeling and intent for the show.

The TV show never went to contract, but I began to play the songs in our live performances. People asked to take the songs home with them, so we went in the studio and recorded two of our favorites.

In Florida, we performed at a Unitarian Church which had a stage decorated with 200 teddy bears. As we arrived, the staff asked me if I wanted the teddy bears removed from the stage. I asked what they were for. They explained that the bears were collected to give away to children with AIDS and other debilitating illnesses. We sang 'Walk Through that Door' to the teddy bears, in hopes of lifting the hearts of those who would receive them. There was new meaning to the words, 'We're walking with you every step of the way...' The words were intended to inspire community, but I realised in Florida, it really meant so much more. We can really hold love and light for those in need, and it benefits us as well.

I played these songs for Amma when she came to Los Angeles that year. A fire alarm went off while I was performing, and everyone ran out of the room (not exactly what a composer wants when an audience hears a new song). I wasn't sure if I should record the songs or not, but I had a longing to share them. Through a grace not my own, circumstances were arranged and the recording was completed just 2 days after singing it for Amma. I learned again how powerful our prayers really are.

I hope you enjoy the CD. And someday, someone should really do a show about the different healing modalities in the US. We have a unique opportunity at this time in history, now that yoga, healing, meditation, and other ancient practices are shared openly. Through internet and television, they can be available to everyone on the planet.

Om Shanti