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  1. Ecstatic Chant Festival

    August 30 - September 2
  2. 500-hour TRAINING in Sound Healing

    October 12 - October 14


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Meet Wah! Online

KIRTAN   Every FRIDAY   5.30pm PDT / 8.30pm EDT Livestream on FB and IG

SELF-CARE Class   Every WEDNESDAY   11am PDT / 7pm CET Livestream on FB and IG

SELF-CARE class Soul of Yoga /  Nov 5, Thursday   6pm PDT / 9pm EDT

2021  ISH TRAINING   Online   Jan 15-17 & 29-31, 2021

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Online Kirtan Concerts

Wah! performs Sanskrit mantra using Ableton Live, vocals and harmonium. Lift your spirits! Join us!

Free concert, share the good vibes, EVERY FRIDAY on facebook and instagram livestream.

"A beautiful way to spend some time this evening...I have listened to your music for years, but this is the first time i got to see you live... What a sweet love-filled blessing... Many thanks..."   -Sparrow M.


Buy Wah!’s new book and card deck Self Care: Building a Smarter, Stronger, More Peaceful Self, take a Self-Care Class, or join the online training. Wah! makes it easy to get started with self-care.

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License Wah!

What do you have in common with Eckhart Tolle, Sara Ivanhoe, Tara Lee, Patrician Thielemann and Mclean McGowan? You’ve got a film, phone App, video or TV show that needs a Wah! track!

It’s easy to use Wah!’s music to empower your project. There are relaxation and mantra tracks, love songs and upbeat danceable tracks, or you can license an instrumental track to create your own guided meditation!

A YogiTunes subscription will give you all the synch licensing you need to include Wah! tracks in online yoga classes, social media videos, etc. - for $14.99/month, you get Wah! and other great yoga artists.

Online Healing Concert

Wah!'s Healing Concert is a multi-media performance designed to inspire world peace and peace within.

"The Online Healing Concert is just as lovely, just as magical. Wah! captures the essence of the songs... it feels like they're channeling through her."    -Michael B.

"With ear buds I hear the nuances of Wah!'s voice, accompaniment and tones. WOW. I'm riding the waves and basking in the ❤️*LIGHT*❤️."   -Sheri

"Online there is an energetic intimacy, truly beyond words/worlds. Still in my heart today, the feeling of ‘cocoon' – my physical body cozy and wrapped - and the feeling of Love is so present throughout..."   -Coral R.

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