Self Care

The book and deck of cards gives you 56 things to do to feel better, happier and more empowered in your life. The cards are organized into four categories – Self-Love, Integrate, Soothe and Allow – which correspond to four colors. The card’s background color tells you what category you’re in and what type of emotional energy can help you. Each card suggests an activity or type of activity to do in order to improve your health and mood.

The four categories are based on Ayurveda (doshas) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (meridians). Wah! consolidates these ancient traditions and gives you simple ideas and inspirations to activate energy for healing. Tapping, meridian stimulation, hydration and humming are just a few of the things you will do in this card deck.

The Card Deck

56 cards to choose from! Original illustrations by Valerie Aiello.

The Book


NEW! The Self-Care book and card deck gives you 56 things you can do for yourself to feel better, happier and more empowered in your life. Self-Care is good for anyone who is healthy, learning about the body or suffering from an illness or injury. Self-Care makes it fun and inspiring to try.

The book can be purchased separately or with the card deck.


“Wah!’s book Self-Care is amazing. I appreciate her kind and skilled teaching.”
– Julie

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