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About the Album

Wah! songs in English, exploring emotions of love, empowerment and peace.

International yoga music star Wah! releases her new CD ELEVATED with songs that explore emotions of love, empowerment and peace. Her upbeat tracks have inspired yogis for over 20 years and she is credited with being one of the founders of the yoga niche music market.

COMING JAN 1, 2021


The new CD 'Elevated' is what Wah! delivers in her concerts - inspiration, hope, and great bass lines!


The Story Behind Elevated

I write songs in English when something needs to be expressed that I can't communicate in any other way. 2020 was such an unprecedented year of transformation and revelation, I felt the need to express songs that would help rebuild our society. We needed inspiration to remind us of our goal - not bickering and blaming each other but working together to create new systems, respecting each other and Mother Nature.