Release date: Jan 1, 2020

About the Album

Wah! songs in English, exploring emotions of love, empowerment and peace. We’re excited about this new album, featuring guitarwork by Sean Kantrowitz (you’ve heard him on Kelly Clarkson, Dr Dre and Sia songs), mixed by Seva at Sequoyah Studios (mixes for Dolly Parton, David Bowie, Chris Blue) and mastered by Bob Olhsson (mastering for Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, George Lucas Films). It’s been a great collaboration of music genius, years of experience and long-distance work sessions. Please listen, share and enjoy!

International yoga music star Wah! releases her new album ELEVATED, songs of love, empowerment and peace. Her upbeat tracks have inspired yogis for over 20 years and she is credited with being one of the founders of the yoga niche music market.

Check out the singles: ONE BY ONE, BEAUTIFUL, ANGEL and the album release concert on Jan 1, 2021.



The new CD 'Elevated' is what Wah! delivers in her concerts - inspiration, hope, and great bass lines!


The Story Behind Elevated

2020 was an unprecedented year of transformation and revelation. I wanted to write songs that reflected our process of creating new systems, navigating fear, respecting each other and Mother Nature. I wanted songs to inspire us to reach for harmony, love and patience during chaotic conditions.