Healing Visualisations

About the Album

Wah! speaks guided visualizations set to favorite songs and brand new music by Wah! These beautifully spoken visualisations are a journey into relaxation, brain wave health, and physical and emotional wellbeing. Perfect for sleepless nights, pre-surgery, post-surgery, rehab, chemotherapy, or for anyone who wants to rest but can’t figure out how to relax. Also suitable for yoga class, massage, spa, healing and meditation. Lyrics from Wah!’s book Healing: A Vibrational Exchange. 2 CDs, 150 minutes.

You can buy a real 2-CD product from www.cdbaby.com. Full length digital download available through sellfy.com (pdf booklet included). These tracks, both their content and their longer length, are not suitable for streaming. As Itunes moves towards streaming, we offer Full Length tracks as digital download, and Segmented portions through iTunes BeatsMusic, Spotify, Rdio, Rhapsody, Pandora, Slacker, etc. Thank you for supporting Wah! and her music.



“Healing Visualisations is beautiful on every level, the words, the music and its vibration.”


The Story Behind Healing Visualisations

No grid, no auto-tune, no plan. That might not sound like a big leap for someone who doesn’t work in the music industry, but I assure you it is a big leap in an industry governed by metronomes, beats per minute, pitch correcting and beat synchronization with software like Ableton Live, Traktor Pro and Virtual DJ.I had written 9 guided visualizations for my book Healing: A Vibrational Exchange. I had put one of them to music, included in the CD in the back of the book. My friend Lynn said, “Oh you should do ALL the visualizations. People would love to hear you speak.” To myself I thought, “Oh sure, easy for YOU to say…” I know exactly how much work is involved in a CD project. And so it began as it often begins: a friend asks for something…

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