Hidden in the Name

About Hidden in the Name

This 2 CD set gives you 11 chants and 130 minutes of great music. Great grooves and percussion combined with awesome vocals and a great back-up choir. Radhe Bhaj is the swinging reggae tune, worthy of a dub version. Songs to Divine Mother, Ram, Ganesh, Krishna, Shiva, and worship of the Great Divine. Once again, it’s a deep experience of chanting and meditation, done in Wah! -style instruments and chord progressions. .


“Everything about Wah! and this CD, is unique: a female bass player who loves reggae beats and sax riffs, and writes and sings beautiful and moving devotional chants.”


The Story Behind Hidden in the Name

Hidden in the Name was the most challenging CD I have ever made. Created in the middle of a busy touring schedule, the CD was tracked, mixed and mastered within 3 months time. For 15 months straight, I had been on the road with Krishna Das, playing violin and bass for him. December was the month we were taking off, to rest and regroup. I wanted to go in the studio and record some of the tunes I had been hearing in my head while I had been on tour.

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