Meet Wah!

  1. Ecstatic Chant Festival

    August 30 - September 2
  2. 500-hour TRAINING in Sound Healing

    October 12 - October 14


Mentoring and Self-Care Classes

You deserve to feel happy and empowered. Wah! uses techniques of counseling, self-care and sound healing to help you release the old and embrace the new.

Mentoring begins with talking about your specific areas of personal growth. Wah! can help you with Self-Care, Sound Healing, and Life Coaching. Wah! works with you to upgrade your emotions, life circumstances and body conditions. MENTORING: Email wah[at]

Group classes explore tapping, breathing, clearing and relaxation as introduced in Wah!’s book and card deck Self Care: Building a Smarter, Stronger, More Peaceful Self

Book & Card Deck

Wah!’s new book and card deck Self Care: Building a Smarter, Stronger, More Peaceful Self shows you 56 ways to feel better, happier and more empowered. Do one activity and focus on it throughout the day. Practice cards 1-14 to activate deep healing. Create a self-care sequence. Wah! makes it easy to take better care of yourself with tapping, breathing, clearing and relaxation.

Wah! is changing my life in ways I never dreamed of. I am learning that through love and light anything is possible. She is teaching me how to walk lightly through my life with a smile in my heart... along wth a few twinkling stars! I am forever grateful ❤. -Shelley R.

2024 Training

Learn about Self-Care! Tapping, breathing, clearing and relaxation to help you and those around you.

INTEGRATIVE SOUND HEALING: ESSENTIALS FOR SOUND HEALERS will familiarize you with Wah!'s Self-Care method and give you skills to play a sound healing instrument. Get inspired, be part of a community of people who are learning how to manage stress and improve health and mood. Nurses can earn 25 AHNA approved contact hours to use towards certification. Yoga Alliance credits.

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