Loops N Grooves

About the Album

Wah! returns with more dance music and sacred mantra – combining her soothing vocals with live beatboxing, loops, club beats, and vocal percussion, featuring Mike Haziza on beatbox. Use it for yoga practice, dance, energetic movement, or healing… Find your groove!


“The vocals are gentle and simple, the rhythms clean, and the accompaniment
precise… the effect is a consistent and calming musicality.”


The Story Behind Loops N Grooves

Mike Haziza joined the band in 2009 and started developing unique ways of laying down beats using beatbox, cymbal and a loop station to create great grooves at the live shows. I had my own pedals, delays and loops which I enjoyed using. As we continued exploring new sounds and loop possibilities, it seemed like the right thing to bring the ideas into the recording studio…

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