About the Album

Wah! brings in the bliss with her band, featuring Mike Haziza on beatbox, Katisse Buckingham on flute, Matthew Martin Kelly on keyboards, Christian Teele on drumkit and percussion, Kirk Margo on guitar, Wah! on harmonium and bass, Paul Hollman on keyboards and sampling. Great for yoga class… Sanskrit and English.


“This is yoga pop at it’s best. Wah!’s voice is somewhere between Sade and Sarah McLachlan; the music is dance, downtempo, and roots-pop”


The Story Behind Maa

In April 2009, Paul and I spent a couple days recording the songs I had composed over the last year. I hadn’t used musical devices or recordings to store my ideas, so the music had to be retrieved from my head and heart. I realized as we recorded them that they had become my constant companions – soundtracks to my life.

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