Meditation Series: Trance


Meditation Series: Trance

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About Meditation Series: Trance

TRANCE combines elements of repetitive rhythm and unique melodic scales to lift the mind from the ordinary. The lyrics describe an ancient Brahman breathing and purification technique (see lyrics below), written by a 12th century poet named Jai Dev, with translation, music and arrangement by Wah! …voice, harmonium, light tabla, Chinese gong, and Balinese gamelon.


“This mantra has a powerful healing effect.”


The Story Behind Meditation Series: Trance

This CD was created as a live soundtrack to a yoga video. I watched the TV screen and created the music as I saw the energy shift from posture to posture. I then overdubbed basslines, gongs and gamelons. The master was lost for a few years, rediscovered, and then digitally remastered in 2003. I made it 68 minutes to inspire you to meditate with this breathing practice for an hour.

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