One by One

About the Single

One by One is a reggae-style song about coming together to heal and re-imagine our world.

International yoga music star Wah! releases One by One, the 3rd single from her album ELEVATED. Her upbeat tracks have inspired yogis for over 20 years and she is credited with being one of the founders of the yoga niche music market.

COMING Nov 13, 2020


One by One - love it! I'm dancing around the house. Thank you Wah!
MARY, fan


The Story Behind One by One

I needed one more song to complete the album ELEVATED. I was walking outside one evening and overheard some music playing in someone's back yard. It was a dub-style reggae song, setting the perfect mood for a relaxed weekend. For me, it was a message from the Universe: give us a song of hope, give us a pulse like a heartbeat, give us some backbeat and drums!