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    August 30 - September 2
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    October 12 - October 14

Online Course

‘This summit gives you the opportunity to learn what music & sound can do for YOU’

Online Course

Created because of overwhelming positive response from Wah!’s participation in the online Summit from Together We Are in Europe.  Join the 2019 “Six Keys to Happiness” online course in 2019. Link coming soon!

“Six Keys to Happiness” is a 6-week online course exploring ways you can tap into feelings of fulfillment and peace that are there within you, waiting to support your life. These are vibrations, internal dialogues and communications within what I call a cooperative natural world.

All living organisms respond to light, sound, and electromagnetic frequencies. Plants thrive in beautiful sonic environments and are receptive to water and sunlight. So are you.

It’s invisible but it’s all stuff you already know. You use vibrational exchange to read facial expressions and body language, to smell food cooking in the kitchen, when you play classical music to help your plants grow, or get aerobic exercise to boost your mood.

How you source yourself and what you do in your space affects the relationship of everything else in that network. Timing matters. Attitude matters. How you say it matters. Everything affects everything else.

Each week we’ll discover one new aspect of the teachings and practice it together. Afterwards, we’ll have a group live call so I can support you in your integration, learning and discovering.

Techniques from this course come from the teachings of yoga, healing, self-healing and Wah!’s TalkToneHeal technique which are used in womens groups, cancer outpatient centers, schools and communities and have widespread application.

Get acquainted with Wah! through her books Healing: A Vibrational Exchange and Dedicating Your Life to Spirit.

Wah!’s teachings are also offered in Healing Retreats and the experience of her Healing Concert a multi-media concert which combines projections, slow moving laser lights and live music by Wah! to inspire world peace and peace within.

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