Queen of Mantra


Queen of Mantra

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About the Album

Wah! brings mantra to the forefront with upbeat dance tracks and meditation music.

International yoga music star Wah! releases her new CD of mantra music QUEEN OF MANTRA. Her upbeat tracks have inspired yogis for over 20 years and she is credited with being one of the founders of the yoga niche music market. The album has 6 upbeat tracks for yoga workout and 2 tracks for meditation.



Queen of Mantra is Wah!'s best album yet.


The Story Behind Queen of Mantra

Three years ago I started recording some of my favorite mantras for an album. Then I got sidetracked - I had to finish a live album (Live) and a Healing Concert album (Take the Light). I was also right in the middle of writing my Self-Care book and developing the deck of cards. With too many projects waiting for my attention, I stored the recordings for this album so I could work on them when I had time.

When I came back to the project, I was ready to explore new plug-ins, new effects and new software. We added color to the voice by adding a lower octave duplicate and some static to the lead vocal (Ganeshaya). We used hard auto-tune to get a synthesized vocal track (He Ganga). We added delay, pan, megaphone (Calling in the Devis). I wanted to see what effects were out there that could enhance the vocals and surrounding tracks.

Krishna Festival and Triambakam were recorded just like we performed them live and it was fun to bring the band energy into the studio. I also wanted some meditation tracks on the album, so we selected two favorites from my Yoga Teacher Training sessions in San Francisco - Shiva Meditation and Tara Meditation. Singing with the teacher trainees in a quiet yoga studio late Thursday nights in downtown San Francisco is still one of my favorite things to do.