Savasana 3

About the Album

The latest meditative music from the Queen of Savasana! Wah! creates twelve tracks to reflect coherent energy found in nature. Musically and spiritually soothing, the Savasana CDs are used worldwide for yoga, meditation, relaxation, and personal transformation.



“With luscious instrumentation, overtone vocals, and ambient textures and harmonics, Wah! guides you into a heightened state of relaxation.”


The Story Behind Savasana 3

I don’t score films but The Healing Concert gave me a chance to create soundscapes – 2-hour live soundtracks for meditation and relaxation. It expanded my vision for what Savasana music could be. What a trip! With loops and delays, foghorns and crickets, I started going into another world… It was a fantasy world, but with meditative intentions. The recording studio was a perfect place to dream, fantasize and explore this vision: What would it be like to perform with the London Symphony Orchestra? What could I do with an unlimited budget?

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