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Integrative Sound Healing

”Wah! is personable, authentic and demonstrates powerful authority when she teaches.’

Integrative Sound Healing Training

Training to teach 75-minute Class

We’re starting new classes in yoga centers which combine relaxation with meditative healing exercises.

Integrative Sound Healing is a 75-minute class using sound healing techniques to help you reset your nervous system, boost your health and immunity and awaken compassionate relationship. Class begins with simple activating exercises like tapping, massage, breathing and humming to prepare you for a 20-minute sound healing relaxation followed by a short sound meditation with a partner.

This class is a beautiful way to relax and clear your energy so you can feel more refreshed and energized. It is not a yoga class and doesn’t require special clothing, sweating or exertion. You practice simple sound healing techniques that help you connect to your own sound, your own energy, your own renewal, so you can be happier, more relaxed and more caring and compassionate in your relationships.

Join the Training in Encinitas October 12-14, 2018 so you can start leading this relaxation class in your community. Amanda Domnitz R.N. directs sound healing trainings for Soul of Yoga in Encinitas and includes Wah! Integrative Sound Healing training as part of the course each year. Integrative Sound Healing classes are currently being taught at Soul of Yoga Institute and are being added to yoga center schedules everywhere.

Integrative Sound Healing is a synthesis of TalkToneHeal techniques and Yoga & Self-Healing, developed by Wah! which are used in yoga classes, cancer outpatient centers, schools and families and have widespread application.

Get acquainted with Wah! through her books Self Care: building a stronger, smarter, more peaceful Self, Healing: A Vibrational Exchange and Dedicating Your Life to Spirit.

Integrative Sound Healing includes 20 minutes of deep relaxation. Want more? Come to a Wah! Healing Concert and experience 100 minutes of deep relaxation with beautiful projections of our natural Universe, slow-moving laser lights and beautiful live music by Wah!


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