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  1. Ecstatic Chant Festival

    August 30 - September 2
  2. 500-hour TRAINING in Sound Healing

    October 12 - October 14


Talk Tone Heal

Workshop (3 hours) or Immersion (9 hours)

Tools for Meditation, Self-Healing and Communication. Wah! uses toning, meditation, dialogue and discussion to create pathways for healing and communication. Bring a friend or family member, come alone, be together. You will leave relaxed and reconnected.

The energetic components of vibrational healing (breath, light, sound, brainwaves, electro-magnetic field, imagery, meditation) introduced in Wah!’s book Healing: A Vibrational Exchange and her TalkToneHeal Training Manual (not yet published) are brought to life with simple meditative exercises, dialogue and discussion.

Results you can feel. TalkToneHeal gives you experiential understanding of slower brainwave states, feel-good hormones, better attitude and greater possibility in your life. Wah! has been teaching TalkToneHeal for 6 years and offers trainings to teachers and health professionals at Soul of Yoga in Encinitas each year. She worked with cancer patients at UCSF’s Osher Institute of Integrative Medicine for 2 years with Julie Locke RN.

You can expect to:
– hum or sing a note
– work alone and in partners
– do short meditative exercises
– talk with a partner, group discussion
– experience feel-good hormones
– figure out your brain type
– learn to use sound, touch, and visual cues to feel better
– learn about energetic architecture in yourself and how to use in relationships

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Wah! is an author and musician making music and teaching for over 25 years. She brings both intellectual concepts and an experience of healing and receptivity to yoga centers, churches, cancer clinics and communities. She is an innovator in her field, using a deep understanding of music and healing to create profound transformative events.


“Wah!’s experience as a teacher and author allow her to speak with confidence about both the inner and outer worlds. Wah! emanates a beautiful expression of wholeness.”

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