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Sound Healing Integration

Lead a 75-min Integrative Sound Healing Class

We're starting new classes in yoga centers which combine relaxation with meditative healing exercises.

Integrative Sound Healing is a beautiful class that helps people relax and clear their energy so they can feel more refreshed and energized. Learn to lead simple sound healing exercises and help people connect to their own sound, their own energy, their own renewal so they can be happier, more relaxed and more caring and compassionate in their relationships.


Self Care

Heal Yourself

Heal yourself with Self Care. Wah!'s new book and 72-card deck Self Care: building a smarter, stronger, more peaceful Self gives you easy things to do to feel better, happier and more empowered in your life. Coming in 2020!

Self Care: building a smarter, stronger, more peaceful Self is a 72-card deck and accompanying book. Tapping, meridian stimulation, hydration and humming are just a few of the methods you can learn to heal and improve your energy.


Music Products

License Wah!

License a Wah! track for your podcast or video!

What do you have in common with Eckhart Tolle, Sara Ivanhoe, Tara Lee, Patrician Thielemann and Mclean McGowan? You've got a video or podcast that needs a Wah! track!

It's easy to use Wah!'s music to empower your project. There are lots of instrumental tracks for background music! Or take a Healing Visualisation Instrumental track and make your own guided meditation! I WANT A WAH! TRACK