Wah!'s mission: to connect you to Source energy

Wah!'s mission: providing music and self-healing techniques to help you feel great

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"The world has gotten faster. Quick fixes and instant gratification mislead people into thinking they can be more robotic, reach high-peak performance, cheat the system, and get ahead in life. There is no getting ahead. Everything moves at the pace of Nature. You can only move as fast as you breathe. We need equal time in activity and contemplation. After you do something, let it integrate. Do a yoga posture, rest for a minute. Create a project; relax and celebrate. Follow me on Instagram and watch a weekly video to stay connected to your true rhythm." -Wah! on Instagram (/healingwah)

Healing: Vibrational Exchange


Born from her work using sound as a healing vehicle Healing: A Vibrational Exchange explores seven ways you can interact with your world to create more space and more healing in your life. The book was created as an introduction to her teachings and to help explain to audiences why they felt so good after her concerts and workshops.


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The Healing Concert

Pictured here performing under the planetarium projections at Fiske Planetarium UC Boulder, Wah! performs The Healing Concert in theatres, planetariums and hospitals around the country. Featured in Ladies Home Journal, Wah! uses music, spoken word and multi-media to inspire world peace and peace within. The Healing Concert uses projections, laser lights, loops, delays, keyboards and Wah!'s beautiful voice to create feature-length presentations of profound beauty.

"The combination of healing music and lights was gorgeous and profoundly soothing."

Music Products

Music Products

Take the Light is 13 tracks from the Healing Concert featuring Wah!'s beautiful voice combined with spoken word, loops, delays and keyboards to help you melt away your stress. This CD celebrates Wah!'s 20th year in the music business! Streaming/iTunes/Amazon

"Wah! emanates a beautiful expression of wholeness."
-WBLQ AM Talk Radio/ The Dr. Julie Show