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  1. Ecstatic Chant Festival

    August 30 - September 2
  2. 500-hour TRAINING in Sound Healing

    October 12 - October 14


‘Wah! is hands down one of the most amazing voices in the yoga community.’


Kirtan is a meditative practice of mantra repetition usually done in group settings. It is used extensively throughout India as a form of worship and a way to gather people together in song.

This is an informal gathering, most people sit on the floor (cushions provided by venue). Wah! plays harmonium and shares stories, mantra and meditation. The evening usually begins with an invocation – a prayer, a group Om, or some small line of remembrance that connects everyone to a higher source. Wah! often invokes a blessing from the Divine Mother. Once the energy is started, the evening consists of call-and-response chanting – Wah! sings a line and the audience sings it back. The tempos build and fade according to the divine mood, or bhav. The music is a support, a vehicle to attaining the divine mood of the evening.

The process of singing simple chants in Sanskrit creates a peaceful environment to meditate and recharge. You don’t have to sing but you may find yourself humming along after awhile. Kirtan is easy and fun to do! Wah!’s vast experience in music and the practice of yoga gives her an authenticity which is irrefutable. She shares her gifts with humor and awareness, making the practice of kirtan seem natural and relevant to our lives.

You can expect:
– singing call-and-response style in Sanskrit
– stories from Indian folklore or spiritual life
– translation and explanation of the words
– a love song in English
– a short meditation and prayer for world peace

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Wah!’s teachings are also offered in Healing Retreats and the experience of her Healing Concert a multi-media concert which combines projections, slow moving laser lights and live music by Wah! to inspire world peace and peace within.

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