About Transformation

This music was born out of an event called “Sacred Rave” which toured for several years in the late 1990’s. It incorporated elements of pranayama, asana, all-out dancing, gong relaxation, meditation, and chanting, all done to live music. The CD features harmonium, electric & acoustic guitar, sax, flute, tabla, bass, drumkit. Great dance tunes, gong meditation, mantra interludes.

“This songstress has fashioned an album of original– often cosmic– pop music,
highlighted by her comforting, airy, and appealing voice.”



The Story Behind Transformation

The Sacred Rave was a 2 hour yoga event featuring pranayama, asana (yoga) practice, all-out dancing, gong relaxation, and chanting. I created music live with my voice, harmonium and guitar, accompanied by computer loops, DJ stations, harmonizers and MIDI devices…

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