About Opium

English lyrics and a laid-back R&B style bring WAH!’s songwriting talent to the forefront. This collection of mid-tempo songs set the perfect stage for her unique commentary on life and love. Using talent from Macy Gray’s and Alanis Morrisette’s bandmembers, WAH! reclaims her guitar, keyboards, and great songwriting. Herb Graham Jr produces Wah! beautifully in this feel-good CD. Modern, meditative and delicious…


“Wah! injects something a little trippier to create a mellow groove that’s luscious and highly addictive.”


The Story Behind Opium

It was a lifelong dream of mine to create a more mainstream CD. I had written many songs in English about my experiences in meditative life. Herb Graham Jr. and I met in August 2001 and spent about 4 months talking, playing CDs, and discussing the intent of the project…

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