About Savasana

This collection of chants is designed for deep relaxation. In yoga class, the posture for deep relaxation is “savasana” – the practice consists of dissolving the body and mind into a space of deep spiritual peace. This CD features sharmonium, tamboura, violin, flute, bass, and free-flowing vocals.



“Wah! keeps her vocalizing unaffected and unornamented, allowing the wafting melody lines to unfurl with breezelike simplicity”


The Story Behind Savasana

Savasana (pronounced shav-AH-sah-na) is a technique of relaxing the body, mind and spirit. It is a yogic practice which is as specific as all the other postures (or asanas) practiced during yoga class.In its simplest form, Savasana is a cool-out time at the end of a hard work-out, a time to let the muscles relax, and allow the mind to rest peacefully. In its most complex form, Savasana is an out-of-body experience…

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